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If you are looking to try new ways to achieve your brain health goals and elevate your brain's performance, you deserve a thorough diagnostic assessment and customized treatment plan managed by a team of neurological and psychological professionals.

First your challenges are identified, then reviewed with you by your team of highly trained physicians along with beneficial treatment options. You receive a personalized plan, a baseline of your brain function, and objective data to track your progress as your brain function changes.

Throughout your time leading up to and during your treatment plan, we are here every step of the way.

Congratulations on taking the next significant step to your happier, healthier, and brighter future.

In 2020, we saw a concerning trend in people’s overall mental health.

Statistics like:

  • 31-32 Veterans are taking their lives every day.
  • Young children ages 13-24 suicide is up 184 %.

No one was unaffected. First responders, nurses, all people and nations were experiencing the same devastating facts; mental health was at an all time low .

One of two choices had to be made:

  1. To accept it and do nothing OR
  2. To accept the challenge and do something meaningful to fight back

This is a challenge Genesis Brain Institute has accepted!

With a clear vision of Not One More, we began the journey of researching, staffing and purchasing equipment to build one of the first comprehensive, all-inclusive Brain Labs in the world. With the help of many, including our amazing staff and Physicians,  we have embarked on a journey to a new beginning of hope for a better, healthier outlook.

Our mission is simple - to evaluate and consult through targeted advanced diagnostic equipment to identify areas of the brain that are not working at peak performance.

Once the data is reviewed, a strategically formulated brain treatment plan specific to the individual's need is constructed and implemented.

The results have been nothing short of miracles.

We believe the success is due to treating every individual, regardless of any restrictions, with discernment , love and respect.

Whatever your goals are for your brain, we look forward to serving you and helping you optimize your recovery, performance, and wellness.

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