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Concussion Symptoms Still Linger

Have you suffered from a concussion? Whether you're a vigorous athlete, you fell and hit your head, or anything in between, suffering from a concussion is never exciting and can take weeks to a month to recover from. Some may continue to experience concussion symptoms for much longer than the predicted recovery time. 

If you've continued dealing with symptoms for several weeks or months after your concussion, you may suffer from post-concussion syndrome. Symptoms of this condition can include changes in cognition, behavioral changes or mood swings, headaches or neck pain, sensitivity to light, anxiety, or lack of focus. Unfortunately, these symptoms are becoming disruptive throughout your personal and work life, and you want nothing more than to return to normal.

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How Can I Relieve My Symptoms?

If you're searching for answers on how to relieve your post-concussion syndrome, fortunately, treatment options are available to reduce symptoms. To determine which treatment options are the most appropriate for you, one would need to seek advice from a professional neurologist.

A neurologist can thoroughly analyze one's brain and conduct tests to determine the precise condition. As a result, a treatment method can be customized to tend to the patient's needs. A few treatment methods that may be recommended are eye movement exercises, MicroCurrent Neurofeedback, Virtual Reality Therapy, balance tracking, or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Genesis Brain Institute Provides Post-Concussion Syndrome Treatment Options

Located in the Tampa Bay area, Genesis Brain Institute has a professional healthcare team that can provide patients with post-concussion syndrome treatment options. There are several subtypes of post-concussion syndrome and with the proper analysis, our staff can properly diagnose your condition and customize a regimen that can help to relieve symptoms.

From neurorehabilitation, oculomotor techniques, cognitive tests, and many others, there are several ways one can reduce post-concussion syndrome symptoms and improve quality of life. The best way to understand which one is the best for you, one should seek guidance from a healthcare professional.

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Enjoy A Normal Life Without Lingering Concussion Symptoms

As a clinic, we've dealt with many patients who endured post-concussion syndrome. By following their regimens, many of them have reported feeling better and joyful that they were able to return to their daily life without being burdened by disruptive concussion symptoms.

While some patients may not be able to make a full recovery, undergoing your doctor's recommended treatment regimen can assist in reducing the severity of one's symptoms and may make them more tolerable.

If you've suffered from a concussion and believe that you may be dealing with post-concussion syndrome, schedule an appointment with our Tampa Bay clinic to learn more about your treatment options.

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